Underlying energy market conditions could signal pain for consumers this winter and beyond

Increased U.S. natural gas exports to Europe is ‘driving up prices’ at home, Heritage Foundation expert tells FOX Business. Current natural gas market conditions could signal pain for consumers this winter and sustained issues for years to come, according to energy economists interviewed by FOX Business. The experts said the energy crisis in Europe, in part caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, will continue to hurt consumers in the U.S. through the winter as global natural gas and oil supplies are strained. They also noted that the green energy push heralded by the Biden administration and several state governments will further lead to

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Private Equity Scoops Up Oil And Gas Assets

Private Equity groups are becoming large financiers of fossil fuels as big banks wind down hydrocarbon investment. The 10 largest private equity funds have  80% of their energy investments in fossil fuels. Whereas banks and oil firms are accountable to their shareholders and to the public, private equity firms are only accountable to their limited partners. Over the past couple of years, Wall Street banks, E&P companies and investors have faced mounting pressure to disinvest in fossil fuels. Last year, BlackRock Inc. (NYSE: BLK), the world’s largest asset manager with $10 trillion in assets under management (AUM), sent shockwaves through the fossil fuel

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Stuck on the natural gas bridge

If you thought your summer utility bill was high, brace yourself for winter’s electricity costs. That’s in part because Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and a surge of U.S. exports to energy-starved Europe are driving up the price of natural gas — the major fuel source for Americans’ electricity supply. In

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Permitting reform faces big test in Senate this week

The Senate will take a vote Tuesday evening that could decide the immediate fate of Senate Energy and Natural Resources Chair Joe Manchin’s permitting bill and set the stage for a last-minute fight about government spending. The West Virginia Democrat has been lobbying fellow lawmakers publicly and in private conversations

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Europe Buying Coal at Premium Prices

Europe’s energy system is a mess due to its headlong sprint into renewable energy (mostly intermittent wind and solar power), the shuttering of coal and nuclear plants, its banning of hydraulic fracturing, and its cutoff of offshore oil and gas leases. Due to astronomical natural gas prices, Europe is shuttering

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Preston Pipe Report – Sept 2022

(by Paul Vivian and Rick Preckel, www.prestonpipe.com) Market Monitor – In order to get Senator Manchin on board with the Inflation Reduction Act, Democratic leadership

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